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Below are the most frequently asked questions from our customers. We are sure this will help answer any questions you may still have. If you don’t see your question do not hesitate to contact us and ask. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why should we sell our used diagnostic imaging equipment to Bay Shore Medical?

Bay Shore Medical has knowledgeable Product Specialists for each modality. With their experience and expertise you can be sure you are getting top dollar for your equipment.

What's the importance of filling out the specifications forms when we do have a piece of equipment available for sale?

The more information we have regarding your equipment, the more accurate our offer will be.

Do Bay Shore Medical employees handle the de-installations of the equipment?

Bay Shore Medical works with an extensive network of dealers and service groups with decades of on-site experience who are approved to work with all modalities and manufacturers.

Is Bay Shore Medical insured?

Bay Shore Medical provides full liability insurance and adds your facility, landlord or management company while we are on site, upon request.

What is the benefit of selling our equipment to Bay Shore Medical rather than trading it in?

Bay Shore Medical can often beat an OEM trade-in value. We will cut a check and you can use the funds toward your new purchase. We handle all of the logistics for the de-installation and removal according to your time frame.

Why did Bay Shore Medical contact us last week?

We have Territory Coordinators that contact every hospital and imaging center once or twice a year to see if any systems may be available for sale now or in the near future.

Our facility has all brand-new equipment - why do you want to know the makes and models if we have nothing for sale now?

We have Product Specialists who understand market trends and are able to determine the life cycle of all modalities. With this information, we can more accurately forecast a more appropriate time to contact you again.

When selling more than one modality, do we have to deal with more than one specialist?

Not if you don't want to. Bay Shore Medical will appoint one point person who will coordinate the entire sale. We will work with you in whatever manner is most convenient for your organization.

We have a system available; however it is not functioning/ not of current technology? Do you buy systems that are not operational and/or outdated?

Bay Shore Medical does purchase equipment for parts so the system does not have to be functioning. We also sell equipment to many countries where your older generation equipment may still be valuable.